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Lori Rubenstein - Legacy, Forgiveness Teachings, Transcending Divorce

Enjoy these cool courageous conversations co-hosted with my Mother-in-Law Sandy Mauck:


Aging and Regrets

Sandy Mauck, founder of Life's Third Trimester shares her tips on dealing with regrets as we age with her daughter-in-law, Lori Rubenstein of Your Legacy Journey.

Embracing the Decades of Life’s Third Trimester. What’s Age Appropriate?

What can you expect as you reach the third trimester? Sandy Mauck tells us that in the 50's, our productive decade, we've reached the top career wise and now we start noticing new options. The bottom line: Embrace Aging as a time of Expansion rather than as a Diminishing time.

Age Myth Busting

Are you ready for some myth-busting around aging?

Seniors and Technology

Looking for a positive way to overcome barriers to technology? Are there fears that are stopping you from embracing technology use? Sandy Mauck of Life's Third Trimester teaches us to embrace technology as a choice in our lives, and she has some valuable insights about perceived barriers to share.