Frequently asked questions

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How does Lori work?

By telephone or Zoom

What is the charge for sessions?

The first coaching session is $150 for an hour, and there are discounts for multiple sessions.

Are calls always one hour?

No, Lori prefers working in increments of 30 minutes, as we work quickly to get to the core issue.


How does divorce mediation work?

Lori talks to both parties to get a sense of the issues, and then holds a mediation session, usually by zoom. There may be multiple sessions based on the issues involved. She will write up an agreement, both parties will sign it, and then bring it to an attorney or paralegal to write up the paperwork and start the legal process. The charge is $180 per hour, and most mediations take 5-6 hours of time.

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As we wrap up the last third of our lives, we want to know that we’ve lived a life free of regrets. It is never too late for personal growth, nor for saying yes to your dreams and goals. You’ll find meaningful conversations, tele-classes and podcasts, as well as the offer to plan your legacy… and we are not just talking about assets!

Dying without regrets
legacy coaching
Sharing your wisdom
Courageous conversations

Forgiveness Teachings

The pain of past hurts does not need to follow you into the future. You can stop, reflect, and make a choice. Learn to release obsessive thoughts and allow a future free from anger, resentment, bitterness and guilt.

Forgiveness Coaching
Dying without regrets

Transcending Divorce

My life has been a lesson in learning to Transcend Divorce, and as an expert on divorce, I can help you navigate this difficult life transition. Are you looking for a way to resolve your divorce peacefully?

Life after divorce