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Why work on your legacy?

My passion has always been healing the past so we can enjoy what we have, right now.

But what I must tell you is that I had a fear, and this fear led me to start thinking more about legacy.

You might have had the same fear. The fear is regret. I do NOT want to be on my deathbed with pain in my heart that I did not do something, say something, see something or become the person I was meant to be.

Lori Rubenstein - Why work on your legacy?
Let’s figure out the next step together.
Let me be blunt:
What MUST you do to feel satisfied with your life before you die?

What is that next step?

You can join a monthly courageous conversation, or work with me directly to figure out what your legacy can be, and how to create it. Maybe it’s a memoir, or maybe legacy letters.

There is a lot of support for people to create wills, and deal with property and finances.

But what about your MOST important gifts, your wisdom, your love, your passion?

Courageous Conversation - Lori Rubenstein

Here are some questions to get your juices flowing:

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Ready to dive in?

Schedule your 15 minutes consultation with me.

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